Sep 7, 2013

Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park and McWay Falls!

We parked alongside the One and walked across the street, following a group of people who seemed to have a good idea of where they were going. A dirt trail led to a walkway that was packed with fellow travelers. Most of them spoke with accents that originated on other ends of the world.

We walked down the trail and over to where the Pfeiffer-Burns house once stood. From the trail-walkway you could see a waterfall that cascades onto the sandy beach shore that lie hidden in this cove. The area was gorgeous and the spot where the house once stood was picturesque, to say the least.

Apparently this spot is a known hub for whale watching in the wintertime. Anyone travelling to the California coast this winter should definitely stop by and witness the glorious work of nature.

Check out for more information on how to get to the park and the history behind it!